Future Dated Transactions And Splits

Having trouble reconciling your aging reports? The likely reason is that you have charge splits or credit splits with dates in the future. Aging is based on SPLIT dates, not service dates or credit dates. On the charge side, SOS’s aging reports use the charge split date; on the credit side they use the Date Applied in the credit split.

Use the following queries to find splits and transactions with future dates:

/* --------- charges --------------*/

  licnum AS "Dataset", (lastname + ', '+firstname+' / '+ id) AS "Patient",
  trandate AS "Service Date", provcode AS "Provider", srvcode AS "Service",
  amount AS "Fee", chgsplamt AS "Split Amt", chgspldate AS "Split Date",
  jnum AS "Journal#"
  chgspldate > today() OR trandate > today()

/*--------- credits ------------*/

  licnum AS "Dataset", fullnameid AS "Patient",
  cre_date AS "Credit Date", credtype AS "Credit Type",
  payorname AS "Payor", cre_amount AS "Total Credit",
  crsplamt AS "Split Amt", dateapplied AS "Date Applied",
  cre_jnum AS "Journal#"
  dateapplied > today() OR cre_date > today()

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