Mailing Labels for Patients with Specific Insurance Payors

We need to send letters to all of our psychiatrists' patients catagorized by insurance payor. How can I
get mailing labels for these letters? The scenario is that our docs have removed themselves from the
Magellan and United Behavioral Health panels and will only accept fee-for-services from those patients.
Obviouly we need to inform the patients - several times and in several ways. The first step is to identify
them and prepare labels for the letters to be sent.

OK, so we can identify the patients using the primary provider code. Good. Let's start with this query. I'll
include the payorname in the output so you can check the export. You can ignore that column when you
read the data into Word to create your labels.
   (a.firstname + ' '+a.lastname) as "name",
   a.addr1 as "addr1",
   a.addr2 as "addr2",
   (', '+a.state+' ' as "addr3",
   b.payorname as "payor"
   sos.rv_patients a 
   join sos.rv_policies b on a.ptnum = b.ptnum
   a.flag = 0 
   and a.priprvcode='prv' 
   and (b.payorname like '%magellan%' or b.payorname like '%ubh%') 
   and ( is null or <= current date) 
   and (b.inactive is null or b.inactive >= current date)
; output to c:\sos\labels.csv format ascii
The resulting csv file can be loaded into Excel for additional manipulation, if you like, or can be used as
is. If you check the help in Word regarding mailing labels, that should take you the rest of the way. Oh,
note the fourth line up from the bottom. This one is where I am specifying the payor names. If you have
a UBH payor that you have spelled out as "United Behavioral Health" you should add another "or...." to
that condition, or change the '%ubh%' condition. This expression means that it will include payors with
the characters "ubh" anywhere in the name. That could result in some payors you do not want, such as a
payor named "Flubhead" or something like that. You should be able to fine tune that with a little
experimentation. On the fifth line up from the bottom you must replace 'prv' with your psychiatrist's
provider code. The other conditions restrict the output to active patients with active matching policies as
of today's date.

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