Services For Specified Payors For Period

I need a query that would yield all services provided for August and
September grouped by the effected insurance carriers. It would be
helpful if the services listed within each carrier group were in
ascending order by service code.

  c.payorname, a.srvcode, a.lastname, a.firstname,,
  a.provcode, a.amount
  sos.rv_charges a
  JOIN sos.ptpayors b ON a.ptpayornum = b.ptpayornum
  JOIN sos.ptpolicies d ON b.ptpayornum = d.ptpayornum
  JOIN sos.payors c ON b.payornum = c.payornum
  trandate BETWEEN '2008-08-01' AND '2008-09-30'
  /* replace with appropriate payor numbers in line below */
  AND c.payornum IN (122,25626,9750,178,8807,120,8439,25627,25584,25585)
  c.payorname, a.srvcode, a.lastname, a.firstname,, a.trandate

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