Identity Theft and Consumer Scams: What you need to know

Our last few posts related to protection of the information entrusted to a behavioral health organization—Protected Health Information (PHI). This is such a big deal for us in the world of healthcare, that we sometimes forget there are other kinds of data we need to be safeguarding—our own and that of our coworkers and clients.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently launched a new initiative to help protect individuals from consumer scams. Pass It On is the site that focuses on a variety of consumer scams that might affect any of us. The topics include:


Many of us feel we are too sophisticated to be taken by these scams, but you might be surprised when actually confronted with one. And we all have clients, family members and friends who could benefit from this information.

In fact, you can even get copies of the articles and bookmarks to place in your office or waiting room.

So, please do

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